CPS MEDIA Affiliate Program

CPS MEDIA Affiliate Program provides excellent remuneration for each sale, after sale and subscription sales. The publishing, eBook, brochure, web site, catalogue, database industry is a huge, offering resellers a great opportunity to make consistent income for lead generation and basic handling. The web site industry alone is a growing market since the changes Google has put in place with responsive web design. Google will no longer index older HTML sites that are not mobile ready. Reseller marketing as you might probably know already, is a multi-billion dollar industry.


Every business is a prospect.


Web Sites

design | redesign | ecommerce | estore | eforms | cloud hosting | domain | SEO | meta-tags



ad management | tools / software | custom eBooks | layout | writing | turn-key responsive database | database network



video animated | flipping | infographics | short or long videos | intro videos | video editing | video for web, email or computer presentations | drone | aerial | walkthru | 360 degree videos


PHP Scripts (Best Sellers):

Click below for LIVE demo of script and LIVE admin for each.

CPS Classified Ads

CPS Design Design

CPS Events Script

CPS FAQ Script

CPS News Script

CPS Newspaper Script

CPS Photo Gallery

CPS Simple Forum
CPS eStore (coming soon)


Custom Scripts

CPS can build custom scripts that can be designed to your specific and exact needs. Forms have back-end control, or front end logins and passwords. Others will display information on your site like classified forms, directory forms etc.

Contact us for affordable functional forms to help your business.