Mobile App Crazy

Wow…if you stop for a minute and look around anywhere you will see the mobile app industry has gone absolutely crazy and there is no sign of letting up. Its the “New Frontier” for software, programs, service and just about anything you want or need to do….there’s an app.


Besides things like meditation, sports, training, magazines, newspapers online stores, Amazon, eBay etc look at everyday TV service replacing boxes and flippers to just a modem and your smartphone.


Add a casting service like Google Chromecast or any number of competitive products in this department. Oh and don’t forget all the programming services for these casting services.


The net result to consumers is lower cost. Thats right lower cost for Internet and TV…hey its about time. For many it will be half the price. Whats more there are tons of free movie services available through your smartphone and casting or other.


But you have to be a little saavy, have the time to inquire at your TV/Internet provider and or have a conversation with your tech store (BestBuy etc).


So while cell phones of yesterday, then smartphones for web surfing and now smartphones that control the lighting in your house, security, audio, recording and tv…amazing.


So for companies wanting to get into the app business CPS | Cloud Publishing Solutions can help. We have been designing apps for several years. And remember they can be used for anything. One we are working on right now is for a chiropractor who has a meditation app for his customers. Quite simple…but the sky is the limit.


Contact us to build an app for your organization.