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FTP is the industry standard way to send large files. If you already have an FTP client (software) just add the following to your FTP software and upload. No File Limit.

If you don’t have FTP software, you can download Filezilla Free here:




FTP Host: mediahead.ca

Logon Type: Normal

Username: upload@mediahead.ca

Password: EZupload12345

For Digital Page Turning eBooks

To help us create the most stunning flipbook digital page turning services, it is essential that we know what you are sending, who its from, the name of the file, and the details and options you want done. Options are listed in the eBook Setup Form below. Just click the Box to the left and provide your requirements.


Payments or Subscription

Our work may require individual quotes which will be provided after discussion.

To make a payment or subscribe, simply click the PayPal icon (left) to go to our payment page. When there, you can select either PAY or SUBSCRIBE for Canadians or residents of USA.

A PayPal account is not required, just enter your credit card info.

We will never ask for your credit card. This is the most secure way of making a payment using your PayPal dollars or Credit Card.


Donations are always appreciated and we are including a Donation Button due to the requests we get from customers who are happy with our services.


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General contact information at the bottom of our web pages or below for detailed contact.

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