CPS Hosting Services


CPS provides the following options for our web designs, estores, forms, blogs or database components. Explore a wide range of products and plugins on your CPS hosted account. Each hosted service is yours to discover with full Cpanel access login for each subscriber, along with CPS basic and extended support as indicated below.


Four different types of hosting packages (plus), depending on the service required. Our web hosting platform is specially engineered to perform while being environmentally friendly. Experience the best speed technology, better security, and down-to-earth technical support. CPS offers a wide variety of software plugins, and all the features found in full Cpanel services. Our 25 plus years of web development, hosting experience and digital technologies allows us to provide cutting edge leadership at affordable prices.


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CPS Hosting 1 – $19 per month package includes website hosting plus up to 5 email addresses, email forwarding, basic hosting support and insuring your site and email is up and running 24/7.
– website hosting
– email accounts up to 5
– email forwarding
– basic support
– online guarantee


CPS Hosting 2 – $29 per month package includes the above plus SSL certificate renewals and increased service and maintenance including a stronger management component like adding blog components to the site, minor changes or additions to site data eg adding new text information, new images, small content here or there.

– SSL certificate updates and includes renewal costs
– increased service & management 
– blogging post management, just send your post, we do the rest
– increased email options


CPS Hosting 3 – $69 includes the above plus SEO (site engine optimization) monthly updates and submissions to all major search engines (must be done monthly), addition of URL to our Backlinks database engine, fine tuning meta tags and using google analytics and google admin setup and monitoring.

– SEO (site engine optimization) management
– monthly submission to search engines
– monthly updates to our backlinks database
– meta tags grooming


CPS Hosting 4 – $99 includes all the above plus monthly post to a Facebook account and a monthly newsletter that we mail out using Mail Chimp with nicely formatted emails to clients email list. The client should have a list of business people, city, area, regional and prospects to grow their business. Every business person should have an active list of name, telephone, email. In any case, a mail chimp form would go on the site to gather email addresses and those would automatically be added to the customers email list that would continue to grow. 

– monthly posting to Facebook account or Facebook business page  (with proper SEO tags)
– monthly formatted newsletter email via MailChimp to client mailing list (with proper SEO tags)

– additional site changes to text, images etc (1 monthly max)
– Mail Chimp subscribe form added to site for automation for email list