Affordable eStore

Unlike other service providers that offer one solution to fit all, CPS provides a variety of eStore options allowing the small retailer an affordable way to get into the online market. Our basic eStore model sells on Promo at $295, an unheard of price for a solid easy to use eStore and an easy to use back end ad entry window. The basic estore covers options like Pay and Reserve or Pay and Ship. If you add a shipping fee into the back end it becomes a shoppable item, if not its for pickup only. For $295 you open your walkin market to infinite buyers. For some, even local customers like the idea that they can purchase and reserve for pickup, ensuring that the item will not be sold out or if its one of a kind items, it makes more sense than ever.

Web Add Ons

Is your business being powered by active management? Like a solid web site, forms, newsletters, social media updates, videos and pushing all this thru new markets and your grooming exisiting base. This can take a significant effort to properly promote or actually consistently promote your business. It doesn’t have to be overwhelming, but it nevertheless is a continual process. Outsourcing this work may be an option teaching one of your staff may also be. But whomever is occupying this position should have a solid and consistent plan for promoting your business on a regular basis. Outsourcing is an excellent option because the company that specializes in this is quite likely very knowledgable on how and what to do and so can do and maintain in a fraction of the time a staff member might be able to do. Promotion is vitally important to your business and your future.

Ad Management Software

NEWSPAPERS | MAGAZINES | SHOPPERS | SPECIAL EDITION PUBLICATIONS | CATALOGUES Have you noticed change is happening at a far greater pace than ever? You might be pleased to know that there are many options to provide more efficient services at lower cost than ever… If you are a small to medium size newspaper, magazine, shopper, newsletter or special edition publication and require affordable tools to produce your publication, we can help you. With over 25 years of producing our own publications and one of the first to digitize in the late 80’s, we have kept tightly in the loop on the cutting and leading edges of this technology. We can help with the core software, auxiliary tools and workflow expertise to help you save a lot of money and do a lot more in less time. Ideal for the start up or small publisher, however, many of our clients are magazines and newspapers daily and weekly. If you are new or looking to update your workflow or cut back on expenses, give us a call or an email. It does not hurt to inquire and at least get a new perspective on your project.

Mobile App Crazy

Wow…if you stop for a minute and look around anywhere you will see the mobile app industry has gone absolutely crazy and there is no sign of letting up. Its the “New Frontier” for software, programs, service and just about anything you want or need to do….there’s an app. Besides things like meditation, sports, training, magazines, newspapers online stores, Amazon, eBay etc look at everyday TV service replacing boxes and flippers to just a modem and your smartphone. Add a casting service like Google Chromecast or any number of competitive products in this department. Oh and don’t forget all the programming services for these casting services. The net result to consumers is lower cost. Thats right lower cost for Internet and TV…hey its about time. For many it will be half the price. Whats more there are tons of free movie services available through your smartphone and casting or other. So for companies wanting to get into the app business CPS | Cloud Publishing Solutions can help. We have been designing apps for several years. And remember they can be used for anything. One we are working on right now is for a chiropractor who has a meditation app for his customers. Quite simple…but the sky is the limit. Contact us to build an app for your organization.

Print Continues to Thrive

“Print continues to thrive” The Future of Media whitepaper FIPP, in collaboration with UPM Communication Papers, recently released a whitepaper, The Future of Media. It looks into the value print adds, and how it fits into the wider publishing ecosystem. The whitepaper states that “despite the emergence of digital channels, print continues to thrive.” It explores strategies of publishers around the world who continue to put print at the heart of their offerings. For many publishers, the question is not ‘print or digital?’ It is ‘What role does print play in the print, digital and experiential — a mix that allows us to maximize audience engagement, cross-selling and revenue generation?’ Print’s new role: According to the whitepaper, rumors of the death of print media have been vastly exaggerated. It mentions that 58% of subscribers still describe themselves as primarily print-oriented, and 60–80% of publisher revenues are still generated from print. MPA’s Magazine Media Factbook 2018–2019 states that in the United States, “The top 25 print magazines reach more adults and teens than the top 25 prime time shows. And, despite generational differences, magazine consumption is strong.” The New York Times reports that its own base of print subscribers is holding fairly steady. There’s only been slight declines year over year, despite its digital subscriber base growing by 265,000 in the 4th quarter of 2018 alone, according to FIPP’s 2019 Global Digital Subscription Snapshot. The Times remains committed to serving its print subscribers. The whitepaper suggests that print’s resilience is being driven by its ability to fit in with and alongside a universe that combines all platforms. Successful magazines have reinvented themselves as brands that serve their audience via a range of channels, of which print is just one. This started with the same content being made available in print, online and later on, mobile. Troy Young, President of Hearst Magazines, says, “Print is heavily edited and curated and it’s like an event that happens once a month.” He adds, “Print plays a really important role in saying this is important and this has a place in culture, and take a moment to think and read about this and consume it. And I think our magazines are going to play an important role in how we do that for a long, long time.” The BBC History magazine has a print circulation of 100,000 and has been in business since 2000. According to its staff writer Ellie Cawthorne, “The ideal scenario is not print or digital, but a print and digital mix, all of which are adding to the experience for the consumer.” She adds, “We start with an idea and what comes out of it is a relevant feature for print, an online video or podcast, and debate through social channels. That’s offering a full experience for all — and it demonstrates the value of a true print and digital mix.” The 360 model Bauer, the publisher of newsstand titles such as TV Choice, Take a break, Bella and That’s life, is renowned for its print-title heritage. Rob Munro-Hall, Group Managing Director at Bauer Media says, “We’re quite unusual in that a large part of our business is still powered by big, weekly publications — often still with a low cover price, high volume and a reliance on the newsstand. “That’s still a big chunk of our business. If you take TV Choice, for example, we are still selling millions of copies a week, through the newsstand, in a very traditional way.”

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