CPS Video

CPS Video provides visual storytelling through video, animation and interactive experiences, working to reach your audience in a connected world . Contact us to provide a specific enhanced video for your business, for web or email promotion.


The online presentations we cover are durable pieces of content that can be edited, revised, enhanced, updated, and accessed anytime, anywhere, and on-demand from a wide variety of desktop and mobile devices. They are a critical part of any comprehensive content program.


CPS Video are the latest high-powered way to sell products, services, and ideas. They consistently deliver your message 24X7 worldwide to deliver sales and qualified sales-ready sales leads.

Presentations for Web / Email

Unlike a TV commercial, video presentations are not restricted to 15 or 30 seconds and although effective at this length, can be much longer to accommodate tutorial or educational needs etc. People seek out video presentations to learn about something they are interested in. The combination of pictures and sound makes learning fast and easy. Videos are especially effective when promoting complex and visually appealing products. And once engaged, most viewers will watch until the presentation ends. Video is more captivating and enjoyable over traditional print.


Videos are easily placed on your web site and can be widely distributed for free through sites such as YouTube. They can also be used at trade shows, seminars and customer meetings. Some videos even “go viral” and attract millions of viewers, especially if they are entertaining. However, most successful videos are not designed to entertain the world. They are designed to attract and educate potential customers as well as to put a human face on an organization.


In fact some of the most effective sales tools are videos of product demonstrations, video data sheets, videos of speeches and interviews. They don’t require actors, movie sets or elaborate graphics. The secret to success is a well organized story with good sound and lighting presented in less than 15 minutes.


CPS helps create and distribute compelling video that can increase qualified leads and sales. We can create engaging videos that will deliver your message in a way that best suits your audience and we manage all aspects of the production from concept through final delivery and promotion.

Simple Video Presentation

Getting started with video may be easier than you think. Consider where the most compelling sales pitches are within your organization. Chances are these high-powered pitches are the Powerpoint presentations already used by product managers, engineers and executives.


Our videography and editing services include aerial drone imagery as well as traditional video to most often incorporate to our clients online digital newspapers, magazines, newsletters, events. But we often get calls for video services for presentations, web sites, sales demos etc.


CPS services are affordable and typically designed to be made quickly and effectively, so the best thing to do for your project would be to get our input and assess your needs and your budget.